We currently offer over 90 golf courses including Oakmont Country Club, Torrey Pines, Pinehurst No. 2 and many more; with more courses added to the library monthly. If you are looking for a more fun and relaxed game – try our mini golf games.

Not an avid golfer? We’ve got you covered. OUR VIP room offers multisport too! Play rally baseball, slap shot hockey, foot golf and breakaway soccer.

Rally Baseball

Step up to the plate with TruGolf’s Rally Baseball! This game takes the Home Run Derby style of play and adds exciting levels of strategy, unique scoring and a variety of bonuses. Experience innovative features like Voice-Activated Pitching and a Swing-Timing Power Boost.

Slap Shot Hockey

Lace up your skates with TruGolf’s Slap Shot Hockey! Users have the chance to experience the game of hockey with 3 Unique Modes of Play, including: Target Shooting, Shoot Out, and Long Shot. Remember, keep your head up and keep your stick on the ice!

Foot Golf

Experience the phenomenon of Foot Golf with your TruGolf Simulator! Users can choose from 4 Courses and add a Boost to increase distance for younger foot-golfers. For anyone looking to add excitement to their round, users can activate DEMOLITION MODE where moving targets explode on impact.

Breakaway Soccer

Experience soccer like never before with TruGolf’s Breakaway Soccer! Users have the choice of 3 Modes of Play, including: Penalty Kick, Target Practice, and Passing. Adjust the difficulty level to make it fun and competitive for everyone.